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Autumn Vogel, MS

Penn State College of Medicine, Hershey, PA

Autumn Vogel is a third year medical student at Penn State College of Medicine. A lifelong activist and advocate for the environment, she became acutely aware of the devastating consequences and destruction of the fossil fuel industry when she moved to Lancaster, PA from her home community in Northern California. When she arrived in Pennsylvania she was struck by the blatant governmental support for the natural gas industry and its wild disregard for the sobering concerns of the people who live in the communities disrupted by that infrastructure. She became involved with Lancaster Against Pipelines, a grassroots organization that works to resist the natural gas industry’s entitlement to our clean environment. Since beginning medical school, Autumn has served as the co-chair of her student chapter, student representative to the board of the Harrisburg PSR Chapter and has worked to raise awareness about the health implications of fracking, and climate change. Autumn is very excited to be working with the national PSR board in these critical times and looks forward to working with other medical students and health professionals who are committed to advocating for a clean, safe and healthy environment for our future patients!