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Look with clear eyes at danger

Letter to the editor in Fort Worth Star-Telegram from Hasan Seede, Texas PSR board member and medical student, on the public health dangers of climate change.

AMA Calls for Climate Change Health Education in Medical Schools

The American Medical Association (AMA) has adopted as official policy a call for teaching about climate change in medical schools and “across the medical education continuum.” This welcome development was spearheaded by PSR board member Todd Sack, MD FACP, with assistance from Erica Frank, MD, former PSR board member now living in Canada.

Preparing Medical Students for a Warmer World

Now more than ever, in this anti-regulatory and polluter-friendly political environment, the medical community must come to grasps with the imminent health threat posed by the uncontrolled release of greenhouse gases. Op-ed by medical student Christian Cayon in Common Dreams.